Skyquakes phenomenon analysis using geophysical approach in Java Island


Marzuki Sinambela
Teguh Rahayu
Niken Woro Palupi
Bertalina Sihotang
Alexander F.T Parera


Explosions in the sky (Skyquake) like an earthquake are still mysterious. The main purpose of this research is to to provide an overview of the source of the explosion that occurred with a geophysical approach, based on both earthquakes, thunderstorms and earth magnets. In this case, we used the geophysical approach to evaluate and analysis the skyquakes based on the spectral density and magnetic field. The result indicates that the earthquake sequences that occurred simultaneously were not related to crash events at different times, 11 April 2020 and May 11, 2020, as well as the electrical activity of the air and the earth's magnet, the assumption of the 11 April 2020 explosion originating from lightning and magnetic activity is still very weak.


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Sinambela, M., Teguh Rahayu, Margono, Niken Woro Palupi, Bertalina Sihotang, & Alexander F.T Parera. (2020). Skyquakes phenomenon analysis using geophysical approach in Java Island . Login : Jurnal Teknologi Komputer, 14(1), 18-24. Retrieved from


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