Visualization Software Design Greedy's Algorithm


Wasit Ginting
Alex Rikki
Hermansyah Sembiring


Greedy Algorithm Visualization Software Design is a depiction or planning of software with engineering in making images, diagrams or animations to display information in the form of a logical and systematic arrangement to solve a problem by finding the optimum solution. The goal is to create a visualization software design program that can optimize the preparation of goods in containers and the steps to solve them so as to facilitate problem solving, especially in real life. Greedy algorithm solves the problem step by step or step by step, which at each step will take the best option that can be obtained at that time or get the solution quickly on the same day. Greedy Algorithm will be used to find the optimum solution from the arrangement of goods in containers that will get optimal results, especially to reduce empty space. Items are arranged according to height, width, and length. By making visualizations developed using software is an effective way that helps users to better understand and can do the learning process independently.


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Ginting, W., Rikki, A., & Sembiring, H. (2021). Visualization Software Design Greedy’s Algorithm. Login : Jurnal Teknologi Komputer, 15(2), 62-66. Retrieved from


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