Breast Cancer Disease Expert System Using Forward Chaining Method Web-Based


Ayu Patmawati
R. Mahdalena Simanjorang


Breast cancer is still one of the biggest causes of death in Indonesia. But on the other hand the lack of attention from the public to this breast cancer and the lack of knowledge about the early symptoms of breast cancer causes the general public to be susceptible to the disease. Lack of experts to handle cancer in health centers, especially health centers located far from the city. This of course has an impact on the delay in handling patients with breast cancer. To overcome this problem, appropriate action is needed to diagnose breast cancer. An expert system using the Forward Chaining method for diagnosing breast cancer is the best solution for recognizing the symptoms of breast cancer as early as possible, knowing the causes of the disease and how to control it. In making this system, it takes experts who are experts in the field of breast cancer to get accurate data about breast cancer information. This expert system for diagnosing breast cancer is designed using a web-based PHP programming language. The design of the knowledge base in this system is made dynamically to make it easier to manage data such as adding, changing and deleting data.


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Patmawati, A., & Simanjorang, R. M. (2021). Breast Cancer Disease Expert System Using Forward Chaining Method Web-Based. Login : Jurnal Teknologi Komputer, 15(2), 87-91. Retrieved from


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