Design of Microcontroller Course Video Tutorial Application using User Centered Design Method Based on The Android


Ronaldo Glenn Sinabariba
Surianto Sitepu
Alfonsus Situmorang
Asaziduhu Gea
Jimmy Febrynus Naibaho
Marzuki Sinambela


The Microcontroller course is one of the compulsory courses contained in the Informatics Engineering study program at the Methodist University of Indonesia. The purpose of holding the Microcontroller course is so that students had been an understanding of the basics, architecture, work principles, minimum systems, hardware and software components in the microcontroller system and the application of the microcontroller. Based on experience, there are several difficulties in studying Microcontroller courses such as understanding the circuit images contained in the Microcontroller lesson manual and also applying the series on the Breadboard board. The purpose of this study is to build applications that can help students understand microcontroller courses using the User Centered Design (UCD) method. The system built will later provide video tutorials that can help students understand microcontroller courses.


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Ronaldo Glenn Sinabariba, Surianto Sitepu, Alfonsus Situmorang, Asaziduhu Gea, Jimmy Febrynus Naibaho, & Marzuki Sinambela. (2020). Design of Microcontroller Course Video Tutorial Application using User Centered Design Method Based on The Android. Login : Jurnal Teknologi Komputer, 14(2), 340-345. Retrieved from


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